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"Jennings O'Donovan & Partners Ltd., worked with MAST Construction Ltd., on various civil engineering projects over the past few years. Most recently a project at Letterkenny General Hospital. This hospital project involved the installation of new fire hydrants and water mains connections. This was a very challenging project for MAST Construction because of the nature of a live hospital and the requirements for permits to work. However, Mast were very pro-active in their work ethos and demonstrated great flexibility when works at numerous locations had to be stopped due to hospital requirement and moved onto other locations to carry on with the contract works with little or no fuss. Jennings O'Donovan would have no hesitation in recommending MAST Construction Ltd., for future construction projects due to their flexibility in work and their professionalism in dealing with on-site issues."

Colin Birney, Jennings O'Donovan & Partners Ltd.